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Tres Cantos de Pájaros. Anco. 1984 


El Encanto de la Noche Tropical. Leonardo Music Journal .95 


Imágenes Caribeñas. Albany Records 98. 


Saxofonía. Computer Music Journal CD. 2000 


Sonata Boricuotica in Colegio de Compositores Latinoamericanos de Música de Arte Vol. 1 


Cuba and Puerto Rico Two Contemporary Composers: Guido López Gavilán -Carlos Alberto Vázquez. Double CD, one dedicated to Vazquez's music. CaribNet. 2001. 


Trio en tres in Colegio de Compositores Latinoamericanos de Música de Arte Vol. 2 


Conciertos Festivos. Available in and ITunes


Rapsodia Acquamarina.  pianist Martha Marchena. Almost a Question... Almost an answer.. 

MSR Classics  *

Fiesta Rugeliana with the Moravian Philharmonia Orchestra, Vit Micka, conductor. MS1219 Parma Recording

Cuatro sombras de una palma. Trios Americanos by Trio Acuarimátana. EAFIT, Colombia 2018


This is piano music from all over Latin America written in this new century... Every work here is in a post-modern vein with very few romantic flourishes. One gets a glimpse of regional dance motifs in Carlos Alberto Vazquez’s Rapsodia Acquamarina (1999), but these soon change into a lyricism that one might recognize as particularly Puerto Rican—or Caribbean. That holds true for every work here: they are modern but not particularly cranky or academically oblique... Some of it, indeed, is quite meditative, as in Book Before Breakfast by German Caceres (b 1954). This would be a fine addition to anyone’s library of early 21st Century piano works from Latin America”.

American Record Guide  Januaru-February 2010

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